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Rotaract Club of Victoria is a community-based Rotaract Club first chartered in 1976, and re-chartered in 2001. It is the first community-based club in Hong Kong and has always been sponsored by the Rotary Club of Victoria. During the past years we have provided community services within Hong Kong and overseas.

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November, 2019


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December 6, 2019

維記🏡第一次專業發展Professional Development活動已經喺上星期六9/11順利舉行😊
學習未來技能嘅第一炮就係先了解有咩未來技能💡 我哋邀請咗人生歷練豐富、學識淵博但非常謙虛又貼地嘅Mr. Clive Lee嚟同我哋做分享🤩。Clive剖析咗各行各業未來的走勢(小編都擔心將來行業式微被淘汰😖)、分享咗未來必備嘅技能,仲有人生態度小tips,當日參加者都同Clive傾到停唔到🥰 聽完Clive講六大必備嘅future skills後,大家都要從現在開始,不論hard skills 定soft ski...

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