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Message from President

Dear fellow Victorians and Friends,


Welcome to our happy home! I am delighted to welcome all of you to our family at Victoria!


As the President of Rotaract Club of Victoria this year, I would like to introduce a brand new Victoria to you all! Our club will celebrate our 40th year, and we are proud that we have more than 70 club members who have all joined hands in building a more dynamic, energetic and harmonious family filled with lots of creative service ideas!


I would like to extend my humble gratitude to all our past presidents and past board members. I aspire to become a role model like all of those before me, in bridging the gaps between volunteers old and new, as well as encouraging my club members to engage at district and other events, all with the hopes of developing better friendship, whilst learning new skills.


From my participation at previous projects from all the different avenues, and through cooperating with other Rotaract clubs and non-governmental organizations, I am deeply moved by the many ways I have changed. They are all good memories and valuable lessons, teaching me to serve humbly, and to lead my club members to aim to change for the better.


So, what are our goals? Our year theme, originally written in Chinese, “發酵的過程是最美麗的”, could literally be translated as “the process of fermentation is the most beautiful”. Between the 18 of my board, we all originate from different backgrounds, all with different working styles and aspirations, yet, with mutual respect, we are able to seek out our common goals, and work together to achieve these. As important as results are for every single project we organise, we believe that the process of learning and organizing is what we value the most.


Although there may be many ups and downs throughout our Rotaract year, I believe our experience will allow my team and myself to grow and become better versions of ourselves. In the meantime, how could you embark on a successful journey volunteering with us? Simple, BE HAPPY!


Please enjoy browsing the rest of our website! We welcome your comments and suggestions!

Yours in Rotaract,
Orange Chow



Rotaract Club of Victoria 2016-2017

Sponsored by Rotary Club of Victoria

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